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Ready to Travel? Here's what you will need!

After being stuck in quarantine for most of 2020, I am in desperate need of a good vacation. But after going so long without travels, it is hard to remember the essentials. I put together a little guide of my travel necessities, from the basics to the fun extras!

First and most obvious, luggage! But we all know that a basic suitcase just won't cut it, so here are my favorite pieces from iFlyLuggage. I have been obsessed with their suitcases for quite sometime. They are high quality, space efficient, and cute of course.

There are a few buying options from Walmart , iFlyLuggage, and even Amazon . I provided some links to make it easier!


This two piece set available in 3 colors: Mint, Blush, and Black:

Here are some options from Walmart:



In addition to a good luggage, everyone needs to invest in the luggage packing cube set

This 7 piece set from iFlyLuggage comes in 3 colors for only $29.99.

Or this 4 piece set from Walmart for $20 that comes in 5 colors to match your suit case!


And of course, cant forget the carry on to match!

This one is on sale for $39 and comes in 4 colors: Blush, Black, Mint, and Ice Blue:

Or this $69 two piece tote with a pouch that comes in 3 colors


Next, capturing every moment is a MUST. I currently have the canon EOS m50 mirrorless digital camera and I am absolutely obsessed. It is compact, easy to use, and shoots 4K videos, but on top of that…it has wireless connectivity which connects right to your smartphone and allows you to download / save all videos + pics! Overall, I’m not much of a camera person myself but I love being able to easily pull it out and capture the moment at any point.

Linked at Target for $649.99

Linked at Walmart for $649

Linked at Best Buy for $649.99

Linked at Amazon for $649

Or you can purchase the camera with a bundle for extra accessories, lenses, cases, etc


Now that you have a solid camera, I would highly recommend purchasing a gimbal. For those who may not know, a gimbal is a device for stabilizing a camera while you walk or move. If you have ever noticed a “shaky” video, its typically because holding a camera completely still while recording is nearly impossible…So, having a gimbal would eliminate any sort of shakiness or unsteadiness in your videos.

This is the one I found that works best with my camera:

FeiyuTech AK2000C Rotary Release Plate 3 Axis Handheld Mirrorless DSLR Camera Stabilizer Gimbal For Sony Canon Nikon Panasonic Fujifilm with Wi-Fi/Cable Control

Also sold at Amazon:


Now that we're on the topic of tech and accessories, you have to remember the most important item: portable charger!

I recommend purchasing any of the top rated ones on Amazon, but my favorite is by Zendure. This is the exact one that I have:

Another essential phone accessory for any beach destination vacay is the waterproof phone cases. I've used this one for several trips and have never had any issues. Only $8 and comes with two!


Now before you go on a vacation, it is crucial to self tan. My favorite mess-free way is with Lux Unfiltered No. 32 by Sivan Ayla. It is sold on Lux Unfiltered or Amazon for only $32:

This is my absolute favorite self tanner...It is not only super hydrating but gives you a beautiful natural glow and tan!

Also, can't forget to self tan your face before you go. Having a pre-glow will prevent you from needing tons of makeup and even having to sit in the sun to tan! I highly recommend the Lux

Unfiltered bronzing face drops sold on Amazon or LuxUnfiltered!


Now that we've covered our "tan", we can't forget sun protection! My favorite is the line by Elta MD. It is a medical grade sunscreen that has Zinc Oxide, protects against UVA and UVB, and is safe for all skin types including sensitive or even for kids/babies.

You can purchased the regular Elta MD Sunscreen SPF 46

or the tinted Elta MD Sunscreen SPF 44 available in different sizes:


One of my favorite travel accessories are the Chloe Logo Slide Sandals! I have them in white, but they're available in 4 colors from Nordstrom. These sell out quickly so grab them while you can!!!!


I have also been eyeing these Gucci Platform Slides! Absolutely obsessed with the white pair, but I would gladly take any of the colors!


Another cute travel accessory is a designer hat, bucket hat, or visor. Heres one of my favorites: Burberry Bucket Hat!

I'm also loving the "Praise Be Visor" from Sivan Ayla's Shop Tan Lines swim collection:


It is also crucial to have an easy-to-throw on cover up for those pool / beach days! I love a good white linen oversized button down like this one from Tan Lines.


Blackbough swim also has a ton of good cover up options. I have this white linen two piece set (sold separately).

They also have a bunch of other good options for cover ups. I highly recommend checking out this link:


Last but most importantly, can't forget the bikinis / swimsuits!!

Here are my favorite swimsuit brands:


Dippin' Daisy's


San Lorenzo

Shop Tan Lines (Swim Collection)

Top row from left to right: RisK, Tan Lines, Blackbough

Bottom row from left to right: Dippin' Daisy's, Tan Lines, San Lorenzo


That is ALL!! I hope my little travel guide was useful to you!! As always, I love to hear your feed back so let me know if you found this guide helpful...And if you're anything like me, you are already planning your next vacation ;) If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or feel free to DM me @liattyy

Make sure you follow me on instagram for daily updates, stories, and feed posts.

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